I have to start by saying first and foremost, thank you!  Thank you to my Lord, my wife, my kids, and all those that have supported my ministry over the years. My story, my testimony is like many others, but it's mine.   God has seen me through so many circumstances that the enemy would have love to destroy me,  but GOD.   

I was born and raised in Independence, MO.  I was raised in a home that taught love, grace, and a joy that comes with knowing Christ as your Savior.   However, as many do, I decided in my early 20's that I was finished with God.   After a painful divorce, I decided to walk away from God.  But, He had other plans. Now, after 18 years of marriage, 15 years in ministry, 3 beautiful children, God has moved us to Nashville, TN.  My testimony is one that is too much to share in this small space, but I would love to come and share with all that will listen.  Jesus Christ is alive and the same power that rose him from the grave lives in me!    
Family Time
The Lord has blessed me with an amazing Family.  While I enjoy my time ministering,  I consider it a blessing to be called Husband and Father.  My family is my world. The Lord has seen it fit to bless us with three amazing children. These three keep us running like crazy, but I wouldn't change it for a minute. Our home isn't always a perfect home, but it is filled with love, laughter and great times.   
I am very grateful for a family that supports, loves, forgives, and genuinely has a heart to serve. I couldn't ask for a better support system than my family.