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Thank you for visting my site and learning a bit more about my music and ministry.   From a young age music has always held an important part of my life.   I was raised that music could stir a soul and I learned when you pair that music with the message of our Savior and His Love, it becomes a source of strength and inspiration.  My mission is to share that message with all those that will listen.   Gospel Music is my avenue to share what Christ has done in my life and pray He will use it as a source of encouragement and inspiration to all that will listen.   

Things I Know For sure

Coming to Southern Gospel Radio February 2018

There are many things in this world that we are unsure of.   However, as this song states, these are the things I know for sure.   My next single was written by Joseph Habedank, Lindsay Habedank and Sue C. Smith and recorded at Daywind Studios.  

" I bet we all get lonely, I bet we all cry.  I bet we all get scared and I bet we all ask why.   I bet we've all felt helpless, which I bet we've all denied.  I bet we all wish we were found, but I bet we all hide.   

But, I know He holds the broken hearted.  He cares for those who are afraid.  He cares for those who feel abandoned.   Jesus does all of this and so much more.  These are things I know for sure."  
This I Believe - Breaks into the Singing News Top 80
I am pleased to announce that This I Believe breaks into the top 80 at #58 for the January 2018 Singing News Charts.   It's an honor to be featured among so many top artists in Southern Gospel.   
This I Believe
Concept Video
This I Believe was written by Kenna West, Lee Black and Joel Cox.   A song that resounds as the anthem of the church bringing a creative message behind our testimony as desciples of Christ.   Produced by Godsey and Associated and shot on location in Hendersonville, TN.